Land Services

Efficiently move your cargo by air or sea is important factor. But it is essential to have control on the cargo before and after cargo arrives at the port. We therefore extended our service to conclude land services onto our supply chain.

Planning, coordinating, organizing cargo movement to and from the port comprises multi processes, and with it potential causing delays and errors whereby this will effect and hit the business. Step taken by offering the integrated solution which streamline as well as simplify the flow of the cargo movement on matching with airfreight and sea freight.

Our land services include:

  • Import and export customs clearance - We have dedicated expert to handle customs clearance thus ensuring our services provided meet local authority rules, and enable smoothen clearing process to our client.
  • Trade documents - Our staff are able to assist with complexities of trade documents all times
  • Trucking / Inland haulage - Final stage of the delivery is crucial to a business. We realized this would resolve by only having the most reliable affiliates.
  • Marine and cargo insurance - We have ventured with a leading multinational insurance company to provide comprehensive insurance packages.

Let us deliver your goods safely